Rental Car Assistance

We Help You with the Car Rental Services While Yours Is Being Repaired

At Performance Auto Body Collision Center, we want to help make the post-accident process as easy for you as possible with our rental car assistance service. Although we do not offer an on-site rental service, we can connect you to a company that will help you with your rental car needs. They will work with you and your insurance company to make sure you won’t be left without a vehicle while your car is being repaired.

Before You Request a Rental Car Service

Call your insurance company to determine if a rental car is covered under your policy. If you aren’t making a claim on your policy, the party at fault for the accident should be responsible for providing you with a rental car. Please note, this process could take a few days or several weeks, depending on if there is a dispute between the insurance companies disputes regarding the liability of the driver.

If your car is undrivable after an accident, be sure to ask your insurance company about your options for immediate rental car service.

Your Rental Car Company Can
Pick You Up from Performance Auto Body

Once you drop off your car at one of our auto body shop locations, your rental car company will take care of the rest. We will coordinate with your rental car company to pick you up when you leave your car with us and drop you off when your car is ready to hit the road again. For more convenience, our Gonzales and Plaquemine, LA locations are only a few minutes from Hertz and Enterprise car rental facilities, so there is no hassle getting from place to place.

Have Any Specific Questions About Our Car Rental Assistance Service?

Reach Out to Us Today

Car accidents are stressful and overwhelming, but we are here to help. For more information regarding our car rental assistance service, call a Performance Auto Body near you. We are currently located in Gonzales and Plaquemine, LA.